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We need to really fix our immigration system. Our country and communities need immigrants in order to grow. And something else: my America doesn’t deport Dreamers – they’re Americans.

Immigrants start new businesses at a higher rate than native-born individuals. If we want entrepreneurs, we need immigrants.

Our country is getting older. That means that we will have increased medical costs, but a smaller tax base. Immigration can offset this by bringing in young, healthy workers who can contribute to the tax/consumer base.

We have a need for high-skilled workers; the US-born population does not always fill this need. For example, we do not produce enough MDs in the US to fill our need. Immigration can make up the difference. Many of the best doctors in the Sixth District are immigrants.

Low-skilled labor that Americans are unwilling to do (such as agriculture) is vital to the country. Expanding the guest worker program and making it easier for companies to use such programs would allow workers to come to the US, work for a while, and return to their home country after they complete the job.

Children brought to this country through no fault of their own – the Dreamers – who are contributing members of society and do not have a criminal record should be allowed a path to citizenship. We have already invested so much into these children, it is time to allow them to become citizens.