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Jobs and the Economy

Too many Americans are falling farther behind in today’s economy. We need to build an economy where everyone has a chance to thrive. To do that requires reforming immigration, healthcare and education, and investing in innovation and infrastructure. We also need to increase access to capital and crack down on large companies that use their size to make the market less competitive.



As a physician, I see first-hand that our healthcare system isn’t working. The progress we made in expanding coverage is being turned back, while the drug companies, hospital conglomerates, and insurance companies make record profits.



I am a proud product of public schools – from kindergarten through medical school, and the father of three public school students. Public education was once America’s biggest competitive advantage and the “port of entry” for new Americans. Our K-12 public schools need funds, innovation and respect, college students shouldn’t have to borrow the cost of a first home to get a degree, and we must broaden community college and non-college post-secondary opportunities.



The Republican tax bill is not “reform.” It increases taxes on middle-class families so that corporations and the wealthy can pay less. That’s just wrong, and I’ll work for real tax reform that benefits working families.


Social Security & Medicare

Retirement and the security of having a basic, secure income are taken for granted today. But 80 years ago, the end of work often meant the onset of poverty for older people who didn’t enjoy the support of a large extended family. Social Security and Medicare are a sacred promise made generation to generation. Their preservation – not privatization – are non-negotiable.



We need to really fix our immigration system. Our country and communities need immigrants in order to grow. And something else: my America doesn’t deport Dreamers – they’re Americans.


Opioid Abuse

Opioid abuse is a public-health crisis that we ineffectively and inhumanely treat as a law enforcement issue. I know it first-hand – my brother lived many years afflicted prior to his death at age 51. There are economic and social issues feeding this epidemic that we must address, but before and above all else, we must ensure that our fellow Americans in the grips of addiction get the help they need and that their families and communities are supported.



Florida is ground zero with climate change. The laws of thermodynamics aren’t negotiable – when the oceans heat, they rise. We are the only country in the world where there is controversy over the facts. We need to re-sign the Paris Climate Accord and get back to the clean energy movement. The US used to lead, now we are a laughingstock.  

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