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Stephen Sevigny

I’m Dr. Stephen Sevigny, and I’m running for Congress because I’m committed to positive change for the Sixth District and for our country.

Dr. Stephen Sevigny is Running for Congress - Sixth District, Florida

There are some phrases you often hear from candidates and elected officials. The sentiment behind many of these phrases are often good and true, and the concepts reflected by them often reflect what pundits, pollsters, and focus groups tell us people want to hear, or how they expect our government to act.

As a first-time candidate, I can already see where some of those phrases don’t match reality. Where the words fall well short of what our communities need. What our nation requires. What it means to be a leader.

I left the Republican Party more than 15 years ago because of the senseless Iraq war, and have watched the gap between my values and the actions of the Republican Party grow and grow. At one time, the phrase “reach across the aisle” seemed like a valuable idea to me, something I might be well suited to doing. It’s still an ideal worth striving toward. But not right now, not while the “other side of the aisle” works only to obstruct progress and drive a radical agenda, not the national interest. How can we aim to reach across the aisle, when those on the other side put greed and power ahead of community?

As a physician, I see first-hand that our healthcare system isn’t working. The progress we made to expand coverage is being turned back, while the drug companies, hospital conglomerates, and insurance companies make record profits.

I’m also a small business owner – my wife Gina (also a doctor) and I make a payroll every month. We need to rebuild the economy so that everyone has an opportunity to thrive – that means reforming healthcare, immigration, education, and taxes. We also need to increase access to capital and crack down on large companies that use their size to make the marketplace less competitive.

I’m a product of public schools from kindergarten through medical school. I believe our public schools are the ladder into the middle class. Every politician will tell you that “children are the future” – I think we should pay teachers like we believe that.

We need to really fix our immigration system. Our country and communities need immigrants in order to grow. And something else: my America doesn’t deport Dreamers – they’re Americans.